Texas Water Conditions Report

The Texas Water Development Board monitors water conditions throughout the state. Reports are created monthly for selected reservoirs, streamflow sites, and ground-water wells. Current and past reports may be selected below.

Texas Water Conditions

Most recent Water Conditions Report. (November 2012, 1.7 MB)

Past Publications

Texas Water Conditions Reports since January 1996.


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Conservation Storage Plots

Currently, 109 major reservoirs are monitored for the Texas Water Conditions Report (TWCR). The historic conditions for 77 major reservoirs have been kept since 1990. In November of 2007, another 32 reservoirs were added to the TWCR, and the derivations of the conservation storage for all 109 reservoirs were reviewed and adjusted based on the most recent reservoir surveys and analyses. Statewide and regional totals of storage and capacities include the 77 reservoirs through October, 2007, and all 109 reservoirs afterward.

Regional and Individual Reservoir Storage

Find plots of the total reservoir conservation storage and capacity for individual reservoirs, for river basins, for geographical regions across Texas and for the entire state.

Combined, these 109 reservoirs represent 95% of the total conservation storage capacity of the 175 major water supply reservoirs in Texas. By definition, a major reservoir has a conservation storage capacity of 5,000 acre-feet or greater.

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